Physicians Office    Exam Rooms    R&D Rooms


    The medical field has a unique need for electrical services.  A physicians office may have a need to expand by converting
    existing office space into new exam rooms.  We'll bring the wiring up to code and install outlets for medical devices and lighting.
    Research and Development Labs regularly upgrade with new equipment or relocate existing ones.  The need to move wiring
    and provide additional circuits is just a few of the things we can do.


    We understand the importance of doing work in a timely manner so staffing the office or facility can take place with little or no
    interruption.  Our goal is to meet your needs.  We can provide our experience through a design build or follow yours.



Below is a brief list of services we provide

Special device wiring and disconnects

Installing medical lamps and power

Exit and emergency lights

We can convert and upgrade your existing office and provide medical grade wiring to the  exam rooms to meet code regulations.

Provide data wiring


X-Ray Equipment Wiring 

Dental pump motors