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                Who We Are... 

                                                                          A refreshing approach to customer service.


               Jersey Tech Electric has been serving the local areas for 15 years.  Our reputation for customer service

               and delivering as promised is at the core of what we do.  We are a relationship based company so

             every customer is treated like #1.


               Our experienced and courteous Techs are held to the highest standards.  What ever your needs,

               we are experts in the field of electrical wiring, data communication and troubleshooting.  

             The core of what we do is in the industry of commercial, retail, property and medical wiring.  
t from our principal. "Perfection Comes Standard."



                          Jersey Tech Electric is diversified and equally qualified in each industry we serve. 


             We are aware of the big decision it takes for someone to choose the correct electrical company for

             their business. You have many choices and that can be a daunting task when you have to reply on

             a company you're not familiar with.  Let us help take some of that worry away.


             I'm Eric.  A licensed electrician and owner of Jersey Tech Electric. My standards are extremely high.

             You would be surprised by the knowledge and attention to detail that comes with calling my company.
             Pride, value and integrity are only some of the things that come standard.


             Many of our customers with businesses of their own and property management companies have 

             known us for years. I'd like to think that is due to our reliability and delivering results as promised.



                              Our reputation and experience save customers money and down time.


             Since our bar is set high, you can expect a punctual response to showing up on time.  We pride

             ourselves on workmanship, quality and a solid track record of going above and beyond.  Anything

             less than maximum effort to deliver as promised is unacceptable.  Providing first class electrical

             service has been our goal as a company.



                                                                                  Our Priority Is You.

              Safety is taken for granted when calling an electrician. You'll know you've made a bad decision when

             you experience the fallout from it.  We work by using best practices and methods needed to maintain

              a safe environment.  Knowledge is paramount when the staff is busy and we need to keep power 

              "on" in order to not cause disruptions.  Our customers have come to know the level of experience

              we bring to maintain the flow of business. 





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